Materials for demanding environments CDT

  • Withers, Philip (PI)
  • Ainsworth, Robert (PI)
  • Lindsay, Rob (PI)
  • Francis, John (CoI)
  • Roy, Matthew (CoI)
  • Wright, Mary (Support team)
  • Verheyden, Thomas (Support team)
  • Al Aboura, Yasser (PGR student)
  • Aldhous, Philip (PGR student)
  • Anders, Adam (PGR student)
  • Armitage, Thomas (PGR student)
  • Bashat, Mariam (PGR student)
  • Brown, Alexander (PGR student)
  • Buxton, Oliver (PGR student)
  • Cakstins, Janis (PGR student)
  • Cassineri, Stefano (PGR student)
  • Chandarana, Neha (PGR student)
  • Chapman, Nicholas (PGR student)
  • Craske, Dominic (PGR student)
  • Curd, Matthew (PGR student)
  • Dowhyj, Michael (PGR student)
  • Elms, Jacob (PGR student)
  • Fox, Ciara (PGR student)
  • Ghosal, Anupam (PGR student)
  • Giunta, Giuliana (PGR student)
  • Guo, Yue (PGR student)
  • Jahangiri-Haghighi, Hasti (PGR student)
  • Han, Qinghua (PGR student)
  • Hernández, Miguel (PGR student)
  • Hull, Gregory (PGR student)
  • Iakovakis, Eleftherios (PGR student)
  • Jalil, Rehana (PGR student)
  • Jones, Christopher (PGR student)
  • Jordanov, Martin (PGR student)
  • Kablan, Abdulaziz (PGR student)
  • Kapousidou, Maria (PGR student)
  • Kindermann, Renan (PGR student)
  • Kotsovinos, Anastasios Evangelos (PGR student)
  • Kousar, Kiran (PGR student)
  • Liubercev, Stanislav (PGR student)
  • Manchester, Tristan (PGR student)
  • Matev, Nayden (PGR student)
  • Mazzei, Giulia (PGR student)
  • Mccormack, Simon (PGR student)
  • Moorcroft, Robert (PGR student)
  • Moulton, Jessica (PGR student)
  • Nawaz, Muzamal (PGR student)
  • Palko, Sandor (PGR student)
  • Pearson, William (PGR student)
  • Ragnauth, Hywel (PGR student)
  • Raymond, Jonathan (PGR student)
  • Razali, Mayamin (PGR student)
  • Rollings, Luke (PGR student)
  • Ruiz, David (PGR student)
  • Rzeszutek, Katarzyna (PGR student)
  • Shore, Dominic (PGR student)
  • Stoyanov, Nikola (PGR student)
  • Suleman, Tahira (PGR student)
  • Supornpaibul, Nic (PGR student)
  • Tran, Ken (PGR student)
  • Traverse, Laura (PGR student)
  • Walsh, Mike (PGR student)
  • Wild, Jason (PGR student)
  • Taylor, Andres (PGR student)
  • Young, James (PGR student)
  • Xu, Xiao Dan (PGR student)
  • Wang, Hanxiao (PGR student)

Project Details


Research into advanced materials is crucial, as it leads to the discovery of new materials and materials tailored for demanding environments.

Students come to the M4DE CDT from a variety of STEM backgrounds and work with experienced researchers with similar interests.

The academic staff involved in this programme have a huge range of industry contacts, from oil and gas production, through paint manufacture and transport, to nuclear power generation. This means that our research has a broad scope.

Our industry partners have sponsored a range of projects into a variety of areas, and the research activity is having a real-world impact.
Effective start/end date1/10/1430/09/22


  • Materials
  • Demanding Environments
  • CDT
  • PhD

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • National Graphene Institute
  • Dalton Nuclear Institute


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  • MPC: Materials Performance Centre

    Burke, G., Engelberg, D., Preuss, M., Frankel, P., Jimenez-Melero, E., Pickering, E., Scenini, F., Stevens, N., Race, C., Connolly, B., Abdallah, M., Armson, S., Attar, H., Barron, P., Bird, J., Brown, A., Bruce, K., Buxton, O., Cassineri, S., Cattivelli, A., Chen, W., Collins, J., Debenham, L., Eaton-Mckay, J., Eguchi, K., Foster, D., Fox, C., Garrett, A., Gredis, A., Grime, T., Hou, J., Howe, B., Hughes, J., Hunt, C., Islam, U., Jalil, R., Jones, C., Kablan, A., Kapousidou, M., Koc, O., Kroll, R., Lang, R., Lennard, J., Liubercev, S., Mahmood, S., Maric, M., Martin, C., Mazzei, G., Rigby-Bell, M., Rogers, M., Sanchez, C., Shah, Z., Stavroulakis, E., Stuglik, P., Suleman, T., Supornpaibul, N., Thornley, S., Volpe, L., Wang, H., Wilson, M., Wilson, A., Woodward, T., Wylie, A., Xu, X. D., Yankova, M., Yildirim, E., Zhou, Y., Zhu, S., Barzdajn, B., Carruthers, A., Cassineri, S., Chang, L., Obasi, G., Palko, S., Reccagni, P., Tang, R., Thomas, R., Unnikrishnan, R., Zhang, Z., Zhou, Y. & Aspinall, A.

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