Materials Performance Centre

  • Burke, Grace (PI)
  • Engelberg, Dirk (PI)
  • Preuss, Michael (PI)
  • Frankel, Philipp (PI)
  • Jimenez-Melero, Enrique (PI)
  • Pickering, Ed (PI)
  • Scenini, Fabio (PI)
  • Stevens, Nicholas (PI)
  • Race, Christopher (PI)
  • Connolly, Brian (PI)
  • Abdallah, Mohamad (PGR student)
  • Armson, Samuel (PGR student)
  • Attar, Hussam (PGR student)
  • Barron, Paul (PGR student)
  • Bird, James (PGR student)
  • Brown, Alexander (PGR student)
  • Bruce, Kirstie (PGR student)
  • Buxton, Oliver (PGR student)
  • Cassineri, Stefano (PGR student)
  • Cattivelli, Alessandro (PGR student)
  • Chen, Weiqiang (PGR student)
  • Collins, Joshua (PGR student)
  • Debenham, Lara (PGR student)
  • Eaton-Mckay, Jack (PGR student)
  • Eguchi, Kenichiro (PGR student)
  • Foster, Daniel (PGR student)
  • Fox, Ciara (PGR student)
  • Garrett, Alexander (PGR student)
  • Gredis, Athanasios (PGR student)
  • Grime, Thomas (PGR student)
  • Hou, Jianan (PGR student)
  • Howe, Benjamin (PGR student)
  • Hughes, Jonathan (PGR student)
  • Hunt, Callum (PGR student)
  • Islam, Upol (PGR student)
  • Jalil, Rehana (PGR student)
  • Jones, Christopher (PGR student)
  • Kablan, Abdulaziz (PGR student)
  • Kapousidou, Maria (PGR student)
  • Koc, Omer (PGR student)
  • Kroll, Robin (PGR student)
  • Lang, Rosa (PGR student)
  • Lennard, James (PGR student)
  • Liubercev, Stanislav (PGR student)
  • Mahmood, Sultan (PGR student)
  • Maric, Mia (PGR student)
  • Martin, Christopher (PGR student)
  • Mazzei, Giulia (PGR student)
  • Rigby-Bell, Maxwell (PGR student)
  • Rogers, Matthew (PGR student)
  • Sanchez, Carlos (PGR student)
  • Shah, Zaheen (PGR student)
  • Stavroulakis, Emmanouil (PGR student)
  • Stuglik, Pawel (PGR student)
  • Suleman, Tahira (PGR student)
  • Supornpaibul, Nic (PGR student)
  • Thornley, Stephen (PGR student)
  • Volpe, Liberato (PGR student)
  • Wang, Hanxiao (PGR student)
  • Wilson, Melissa (PGR student)
  • Wilson, Alexander (PGR student)
  • Woodward, Thomas (PGR student)
  • Wylie, Angus (PGR student)
  • Xu, Xiao Dan (PGR student)
  • Yankova, Maria (PGR student)
  • Yildirim, Emre (PGR student)
  • Zhou, Yiqi (PGR student)
  • Zhu, Siying (PGR student)
  • Barzdajn, Bartosz (CoI)
  • Carruthers, Alexander (CoI)
  • Cassineri, Stefano (CoI)
  • Chang, Litao (CoI)
  • Obasi, Gideon (CoI)
  • Palko, Sandor (CoI)
  • Reccagni, Pierfranco (CoI)
  • Tang, Ruidie (CoI)
  • Thomas, Rhys (CoI)
  • Unnikrishnan, Rahul (CoI)
  • Zhang, Zhenbo (CoI)
  • Zhou, Yiqi (CoI)
  • Aspinall, Amanda (Support team)

Project Details


The Materials Performance Centre (MPC) was launched in 2002 by BNFL as a university research Alliance with a focus on nuclear materials research and training. The MPC maintains a balance between fundamental and cutting-edge research, and providing practical solutions for current industrial needs.

Funding – RCUK, BEIS, EU
External collaborators – CGN, EDF, EPRL, Flour Marine Propulsion, Framatome, Hitachi, NDA, NNL, Rolls-Royce, Sellafield Ltd, Westinghouse and Wood Group.

Effective start/end date1/01/02 → …

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • Advanced materials
  • Dalton Nuclear Institute


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