Mathematical Epidemiology Group

  • Hall, Ian (PI)
  • House, Thomas (Researcher)
  • Pellis, Lorenzo (Researcher)
  • Riley, Heather (Researcher)
  • Scarabel, Francesca (Researcher)
  • Whitfield, Carl (Researcher)
  • Xu, Feng (Researcher)
  • Xu, Jingsi (Researcher)
  • Curran-Sebastian, Jacob (PGR student)
  • Das, Rajenki (PGR student)
  • Pang, Xiaoxi (PGR student)
  • Webb, Luke (PGR student)
  • Silva, Miguel (PGR student)
  • Overton, Christopher (Researcher)
  • Stage, Helena (Researcher)

Project Details


The Mathematical Epidemiology research group in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Manchester is interested in a diverse range of methodological approaches and applications to infectious disease modelling.

We have strong links to Department of Health and Social Care and the sender organisations of the new Health Security Agency as well as other UK advisory organisations (Dstl, AWE, HSE) and companies (IBM).

A full range of current and past group members is detailed here as well as active projects (Funders include Wellcome Trust, UKRI and HSE).

We are very happy to engage in new exciting multidisciplinary projects.
Short titleMathematical Epidemiology Group
StatusNot started


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