Musical Lives

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Musical Lives is a collaborative, participatory project through which members of South Asian communities in Greater Manchester explore relationships between music and memory.

Dr Chloë Alaghband-Zadeh has been awarded funding to work in partnership with community radio station Crescent Radio on a pilot study comprising a series of intergenerational conversations between pairs of family members, in which each family member shares a song or a piece of music that they associate with an important memory or moment in their life.

The music serves as a gateway into broader discussions of people’s stories, histories (including family histories of migration) and their senses of belonging and identity. The conversations are recorded by participants and serve as the basis for a series of radio programmes on Musical Lives produced for broadcast on Crescent Radio.

The research contributes to emerging research on music’s role as a ‘technology of memory’ – that is, a means by which people situate themselves in relation to the past and transmit memories between generations – as well as addressing the broader theme of music and identity, a key focus of research in the Music Department, explored in our core research area Nationalism, Mobility and Identity.

Funding body: School of Arts, Languages and Cultures Social Responsibility Award
Effective start/end date1/01/2130/04/21


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