North West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery

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The North West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery (NoWCADD) translates drug delivery science into treatments for serious and life-threatening conditions.

NoWCADD is a translational science centre based at The University of Manchester's Division of Pharmacy and Optometry. It is funded through a collaboration with AstraZeneca's Pharmaceutical Technology and Development (PT&D) and Pharmaceutical Sciences departments.

The partnership between The University of Manchester and AstraZeneca has been instrumental in the creation and growth of NoWCADD with AstraZeneca making a long-term commitment to building an internationally recognised centre in advanced drug delivery in the heart of north-west England. The close-proximity of the University and AstraZeneca's Macclesfield campus provides a strong foundation for scientific collaboration, excellence in education and pathways to societal impact of new and innovative drug delivery technologies.

Professor Jayne Lawrence is NoWCADD’s director. In addition to The University of Manchester participants listed in the sidebar, the following AstraZeneca staff are key contributors. 

AstraZeneca staff
Pharmaceutical Technology and Development (PT&D):
- Paul Gellert
- Paul Stott
- Julie Cahill
- Joe de Sousa
- Jonathan Booth
- Kevin Treacher
- Matt Bunker 

Pharmaceutical Sciences: 
- Marianne Ashford 
- Will Goundry
- Zahid Nazir
- Mark Jackman
- Sanya Puri
- Arpan Desai
- Johanna Laru
Short titleR:KCD North West Centre
Effective start/end date21/08/1431/07/20


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