Optimising NFM in headwater catchments to protect downstream communities.

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Headwaters contain 80% of the linear length of river systems. The upland headwaters of UK river systems are heavily degraded ecosystems and sites of extensive upland restoration effort. This project will undertake significant empirical research on Natural Flood Management benefits of upland restoration through collaboration with partners delivering major upland restoration programmes. We will assess the potential of NFM to mitigate flood risk in 22 communities at risk in Greater Manchester and combine this knowledge with analysis of secondary data from across the UK to develop guidance on optimisation of restoration approaches for NFM in UK headwaters. The project will work closely with project partners including regulators (EA, SEPA, NRW), land managers (Moors for the Future, National Trust, United Utilities), and practitioners (CH2M. Risk Management Solutions) to ensure that the evidence, approaches and guidance developed are useful and accessible for a wide range of users.
Short titleR:HDG HDZ/M Evans/21.02.17
Effective start/end date1/11/1731/10/21

Collaborative partners

  • The University of Manchester (lead)
  • University of Leeds (Joint applicant)
  • University of Durham (Joint applicant)
  • Newcastle University (Joint applicant)


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