Physics of fluids and soft matter

  • Juel, Anne (PI)
  • Pihler-Puzovic, Draga (PI)
  • Box, Finn (CoI)
  • Schirrmann, Kerstin (CoI)
  • Gaillard, Antoine (CoI)
  • Robinson, David (PGR student)
  • Cuttle, Callum (PGR student)
  • Garg, Ashish (PGR student)
  • Nogueira Fontana, Joao Vitor (PGR student)
  • Vaquero-Stainer, Christian (PGR student)
  • Liu, Yunze (PGR student)

    Project Details


    Our research is focused on the dynamics and instabilities of complex systems, from bubble dynamics to soft tissues, and encompasses both curiosity-driven and industrially-relevant phenomena.

    Laboratory-based research into nonlinear phenomena often reveals unexpected findings, which in turn requires interpretation via mathematical modelling. This led to the formation of the Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in 2000; a collaboration between the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Mathematics.The ethos of MCND has been to ally quantitative experimental investigations with cutting edge approaches in mathematical and numerical modelling of complex systems.

    MCND builds on our outstanding pedigree in fundamental fluid mechanics with previous academics including: Osbourne Reynolds FRS, Sir Horace Lamb FRS, and Sir James Lighthill FRS. Together, we work to provide a modern, multidisciplinary training environment into the complex behaviour of fluids and soft materials. Our multi-disciplinary approach to fluid mechanics has led us to work on industrial projects in collaboration with the likes of Cambridge Display Technology Ltd, BP Exploration Ltd and Mondelez International Ltd.

    The key outputs of our work include:

    - Instabilities and pattern formation on the pore scale
    - Fluid-structure interaction
    - Droplet and capsule microfluids
    - Dynamic wetting and multiscale phenomena
    - Instabilities in soft materials
    - Yield and visco-elastic behaviour in complex materials
    - Physiological flows

    Our research is funded by EPSRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the Royal Society, and our industrial partners.
    StatusNot started


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