Securitisation and development: the military as a new development actors

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Recent years have witnessed the growing presence of the military in international development. This session explores how military organisations and personnel, whose security roles often result in them taking part in development-related activities, might be considered as actors in the field of development. While scholarship highlights how development is being re-configured through a blurring of the boundaries between development, poverty and security (e.g. Duffield 2007, Smith 2010), very little research has looked beyond the security-development nexus. This session aims to explore how and where military roles foster development engagements and generate new development actors. It aims to address the diverse development roles undertaken in historical and contemporary settings and analyse the place and contribution of military cultures and knowledges to development theory and practice through conceptual and empirical analyses.
Short titleR:HDD HDZ/U Kothari/10.02.12
Effective start/end date1/03/1231/05/12

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