Study on transport poverty: definition, indicators, determinants and mitigation strategies (EU Tender)

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Transport and mobility poverty has increasingly garnered attention ​both at the EU-level and in national contexts. Awareness around transport poverty has gained hold in the academic literature, and in policy debates. This study brings together this knowledge and work around transport poverty to inform the design and implementation of an EU-wide transport poverty definition and indicator(s). This will serve as a basis for informing and promoting evidence-based policies that both tackle transport poverty and work preventatively at different geographical scale. This will form the basis for EU Memeber States to develop just and inclusive transitions towards climate neutral transport systems.

Key findings

in progress
Short titleTransport Poverty
Effective start/end date1/03/2330/04/24

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  • transport poverty
  • definitions
  • indicators
  • EU

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  • Manchester Urban Institute


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