The development of a national policy strategy for older adults in the criminal justice system

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The number of people aged 50 and over in prison in England and Wales is growing. This is because we have an aging population and people are going to prison for longer. Also, more people are going to prison for crimes they committed a long time ago. Older people living in prison have more health and social care needs than the younger people living in prison. They also have more of these needs than people who are the same age who live in the community. Prisons were made for young fit men. Often prison services do not meet the needs of older adults. Older adults living in prison should have the same kind of health and social care services and help as those living in the community. Some prisons provide this help well, other do not. We want to develop a plan for the care of older people in prisons that all prison can use to plan their services. We want to make sure that all prisons have to follow this plan to make sure that all older adults in prison can access good quality services.
For this study, we will firstly search the internet for all information available on the best way to support older adults in prison. The research team have been looking at services for older adults in prison over the last 10 years. We will make sure the plan for older adult services in prison includes the findings from all of this research. We will also get together a group of senior managers from health, social care, older adult and prison organisations to talk about the findings from studies that have been completed so far. We will also discuss what the plan for older adults in prison should look like and ask them to come to an agreement about this. We have also set up a group of individuals who have experience of living in prison and we will ask them for their opinions too. All of this information will be brought together to make the plan for older adults in prison in England and Wales. We will make sure we tell individuals from health, social care, older adult and criminal justice organisations about the plan and how is can be used to help older adults in prison. We hope the government will make this plan into law to ensure it is taken seriously.
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/12/22

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