What's on? Rethinking class in the television industry

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What's on? Rethinking class in the television industry is situated in the context of academic, media, and public discussions about social class and the TV industry.

From policy concerns about working class access to the sector, through to class as a prominent point of discussion in BAFTA award winners' speeches, class is important to national conversations about TV.

Academic research has demonstrated that class is crucial in shaping what gets commissioned for television, who gets roles on and off screen, and the sorts of representations of social class that are broadcast and made available to download or stream.

Working in partnership with the BBC and Channel 4 (BBC pilot ongoing) What's on? will analyse the production, consumption, and reception of two case study drama series.

In doing so, the project connects questions of who produces, what is made, and how class is represented and understood. Understanding class in the context of production, representation, and consumption and will make a significant contribution to the literature, given the limited number of studies that have pursued this approach to research.
Effective start/end date1/08/2328/02/26

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