A concise review on the role of selenium for bone cancer applications

Yanhao Hou, Weiguang Wang, Paulo Jorge Da Silva Bartolo

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Cancer is one of the most challenging health problems in the world. Several clinical treatments have been
developed, but all presenting several limitations. Among different types of cancer, bone cancer is less common,
and limited new clinical treatment strategies have been proposed. Recently, a range of advanced materials has
been investigated and applied for bone cancer treatment applications. However, due to the unique physiological
properties of the bone tissue (a load-bearing tissue), the selection of the right type of material or the combination
of suitable functional materials and base materials are critical. Selenium has been reported to present specific
targeting inhibition effects on bone cancer without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue, revealing a huge
potential for the development of new bone cancer treatment strategies. This paper presents a concise review on
the use of selenium for bone cancer applications, discussing main synthesis methods, biocompatibility, and
cytotoxicity aspects and the combination of selenium with a wide range of ceramics, metals, and polymers.
Future perspectives and the novel concept of a dual-functional scaffold for both cancer treatment and new bone
regeneration are also discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Article number115974
Number of pages17
Issue number115974
Publication statusPublished - 23 Apr 2021


  • Bone
  • Cancer
  • Selenium
  • Tissue engineering


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