A Review and Gap Analysis of Exploiting Aerodynamic Forces as a Means to Control Satellite Formation Flight

C Traub, F. Romano, T Binder, A Boxberger, G Herdrich, S Fasoulas, Peter Roberts, Katharine Smith, Steve Edmondson, Sarah Haigh, Nicholas Crisp, Vitor Toshiyuki Abrao Oiko, Rachel Lyons, Stephen Worrall, Sabrina Livadiotti, J Becedas, G Gonzalez, R.M. Dominguez, D Gonzalez, L GhizoniV Jungnell, K Bay, J Morsbøl, D Garcia-Almiñana, S Rodriguez-Donaire, M Sureda, D Kataria, R Outlaw, R Villain, J.S Perez, A. Conte, B Belkouchi, A Schwalber, B Heißereri

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


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