A Review on Fabricating Graphene Fiber Wet Spinning

Heng Zhai, Yi Li, Yang-Yang Fang

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Since the single-layer flakes of graphene were first isolated by Geim and his co-workers at the University of Manchester in 2004, the research on graphene has made a great breakthrough and the applications of graphene have extended to various aspects in devices, sensors, composites and so on. In this paper, a design of graphene fiber via wet spinning was introduced. Firstly, the basic structure and properties of graphene are introduced, followed by the production process of graphene. To change the poor dispersibility of graphene, the most accessible precursor of graphene, chemically oxidized graphene or graphene oxide was introduced. In this part, the most popular method to produce GO by Hummers is explained in detail. A subsequent study was carried out to examine the different forms of graphene oxide liquid crystals (GO LC) and its complicated behaviors to fabricate graphene fiber via wet spinning. In the last part of the paper, a new attempt of graphene/viscose composite fiber was given to compensate the disadvantages of monotonous graphene fibers.
Original languageUndefined
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event10th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium - Wuhan Text University, Wuhan, China
Duration: 16 May 201719 May 2017


Conference10th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium
Abbreviated titleTBIS 2017

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