Abstracts of the UK Stroke Forum 2015 Conference, 1‐3 December 2015, Liverpool, UK

Kate Mckenzie

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Introduction:Aspiration of oral bacteria may lead to stroke-associated pneumonia (SAP). There are no validated nursing assessment tools for oral disease in stroke care or oral hygiene intervention trials. The Holistic and Reliable Oral Assessment Tool (THROAT) has been developed for use in older hospitalised patients. We evaluated the feasibility and concurrent validity of THROAT compared to detailed dental examination in dysphagic acute stroke patients.Method:Patients within 24h of acute stroke onset, who were nil-by-mouth and expected to remain on the stroke unit>72h were screened for inclusion. THROAT was recorded by a research nurse and a blinded dental care professional undertook a detailed dental examination, within 24h of stroke symptom onset.Results:Of 43 eligible patients approached, 31 (72%) consented to participate (median age 78y; 58% women; median NIH stroke scale score=12). Both examinations were successfully completed and well-tolerated in all participants. Mean time to complete THROAT was2.1 min, and 5.3 min for the dental examination. Correlation between the individual components of THROAT and the dental examination was generally poor, although there was a modest correlation (r=0.49) between the ‘Teeth/Denture’ score of THROAT and ‘percentage of teeth with≥1 site with plaque present’ from the dental examination.Discussion:THROAT and detailed dental examination were both feasible in dysphagic acute stroke patients at risk of SAP. Larger studies are required to evaluate concurrent validity of THROAT, and the predictive validity of THROAT and dental examination for SAP and clinical outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 3 Dec 2015
EventUK Stroke Forum 2015 Conference - ACC, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Duration: 1 Dec 20153 Dec 2015


ConferenceUK Stroke Forum 2015 Conference
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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