Academic and Workplace Buoyancy and its Association with Demographic Variables among Health Sciences’ Undergraduates

Khalid Hussain, Tanseer Ahmed, Fasihul Wahab, Rooh ullah, Farhanda Nadir

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Academic buoyancy is important for influencing students’ ability to face academic challenges. It describes learners’ ability to defeat academic difficulties. It is an important factor on the psycho-educational landscape assisting students experiencing setbacks. Clinical/workplace buoyancy can help health sciences’ students to face the challenges in error-prone learning atmosphere. Objective: To assess the level of academic and workplace buoyancy and its association with demographic variables among health sciences’ undergraduates. Methods: Analytical cross-sectional research with convenient sampling was carried out on 222 undergraduates of Sohail University, Karachi. Ethical approval was taken from the ERC, Sohail University. Data were collected through Academic Buoyancy Scale. By using SPSS Version 25.0, the data were analyzed. Descriptive statistics were calculated and Chi-square was applied to observe the association of buoyancy with demographic variables. Results: In this study, mostly participants (98.6%) belong to the age 22-24 years. Over 50% of the partakers (55.9%) were females. All items of workplace and academic buoyancy had a significant association with study program (p-value 0.000, 0.010,0.002,0.021 respectively) while only 2 items showed significant association with study year (p-value 0.012 and 0.028). There was no significant association of buoyancy with variables like age, gender, religion and marital status. Conclusions: This study’s findings highlighted the buoyancy levels among health sector undergraduates. The association of buoyancy was found significant with study program and some items with CGPA and study year. These findings indicated the need to enhance positive traits like buoyancy among health sector undergraduates.
Original languageEnglish
Article number04
Pages (from-to)11
Number of pages15
JournalPakistan BioMedical Journal
Issue number03
Publication statusPublished - 31 Mar 2024


  • Buoyancy
  • Health sector
  • Academic stress
  • Well-being


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