Accessing Open Data on Non-fungible Tokens

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Non-fungible token(NFT) is the extension of digital token transactions that emerged in 2021. As NFT differs from fungible tokens, it is the presentation of the digital and unique transactions of tokens. Each property can be traded freely with the customized value that is set by the NFT creator (Wang, Li, Wang, & Chen, 2021). NFT transaction is also a transparent process (Wang, Li, Wang, & Chen, 2021). While the NFT transaction has been finished, there is a smart contract that is being generated and signed automatically. Due to the existing transparent framework and the decentralized system, the open data on NFT transactions and predictions are mushrooming ever since 2021. This research intends to examine the open data platform for NFT works and analyse the potential social impacts on the understanding of NFT. The research firstly conducted an overview explanation of the NFT concepts and how the transparent framework allows more data to be retrieved and tracked online to be accessed by the general public. Furthermore, the research uses the Walkthrough method to thoroughly investigate the step-by-step process of the open data platform in NFT. It is the digital observation of the NFT user experience from registration, profile building, daily interactions, and any other changes of status (Light, Burgess, & Duguay, 2018). To complement the observation data, I explore NFT from various social perspectives, including how the open data has access to the encrypted information, how the data has been displayed, and how it effectively impacts the transaction of NFT. As NFT is a relatively underdeveloped research topic, this will be the first research on the interdisciplinary research of data science, NFT technologies, and social understandings.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Conference on Open Data (ICOD 2022)
PublisherFaculty of Law, University of Zagreb
ISBN (Electronic)978-953-270-167-8
Publication statusPublished - 13 Feb 2023
EventInternational Conference on Open Data: Open Data Challenges in Times of Crisis and Growth - Zagreb, Croatia
Duration: 28 Nov 20222 Dec 2022


ConferenceInternational Conference on Open Data
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