An automated Design-Build-Test-Learn pipeline for enhanced microbial production of fine chemicals

Pablo Carbonell, Adrian Jervis, Christopher Robinson, Cunyu Yan, Mark Dunstan, Neil Swainston, Maria Vinaixa, Katherine Hollywood, Andrew Currin, Nicholas Rattray, Sandra Taylor, Reynard Spiess, Rehana Sung, Alan R Williams, Donal Fellows, Natalie Stanford, Paul Mulherin, Rosalind Le Feuvre, Perdita Barran, Royston GoodacreNicholas Turner, Carole Goble, George Guoqiang Chen, Douglas Kell, Jason Micklefield, Rainer Breitling, Eriko Takano, Jean-Loup Faulon, Nigel Scrutton

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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