Anxieties and Management Responses in International Business

Rudolf Sinkovics (Editor), Mo Yamin (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportAnthologypeer-review


This volume deals with 'anxieties' in international business and their managerial ramifications. A key actor in the international business environment is the multinational enterprise (MNE) and one can make the case that the organization and politics of the MNE is a potential pool of anxiety. Anxieties are also manifest from the perspectives of countries and localities impacted by MNC activities and investment. All contributions highlight the complexities of the international business environment or the managerial implication of such complexity. -- Introduction PART ONE: NETWORKS AND SUBSIDIARIES Networks: A New Paradigm in International Business History?; M.Casson Entrepreneurship Orientation; F.Ciabuschi; M.Forsgren The Role of Sales Subsidiary in MNC Innovativeness; J.Lindqvist, K.Blomqvist & S.Saarenketo PART TWO: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSES,LOCAL MARKET INTERACTIONS AND IMPACTS Institutional Influences on Global Marketing Strategy; F.Van Eenennaam; C.M.L.Janssen & K.D.Brouthers Service Multinationals and Forward Linkages With Client Firms: The Case of IT Outsourcing in Argentina and Brazil; M.Miozzo & D.P.Grimshaw Multinationals and Economic Impacts: An Analysis of Fortune GlobaL 250 Reports; F.Fortanier & A.Kolk PART THREE: POLITICAL AND STRATEGIC INTERNATIONAL BUISNESS CHALLENGES MNCs' Actions in the Socio-Political Market: The Study of a Case with Network Approach; J-W.Lee, P.N.Ghauri & A.Hadjikhni Internationalisation Strategies Realised by Incumbent Firms as an Industry Evolves into a Global Oligopoly: The Case of the Pharmaceutical Industry; A.J.Langley, N.K.Kakabadse & S.Swailes Multinational Companies Battle Against Counterfeiting; E.Penz Expanding the International Business Agenda on International Outsourcing; J.P.Hatonen & M.Ruokonen PART FOUR: SME INTERNATIONALIZATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THE INTERNET Growth of a Greek International New Venture Across Geographic Markets and Industries; P.Dimitratos, I.Voudouris & H.Salavou Cultural Adaptation in Cross Boarder Web-Presence: An Investigation of German Companies' Domestic U.S, U.K, and Latin American Websites; R.Sinkovics Geographical Dimension: A Missing Link in the Internationalization of Born Global Firms; O.Kuivalainen; S.Sundqvist & P.Servais The Outcomes of Unsolicited International Enquiries Received by SMEs; N.S.Zhang & R.B.McNaughton
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationHoundmills, Basingstoke, U.K.
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan Ltd
ISBN (Print)9780230515567
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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