Association between idiopathic infantile macrocephaly and autism spectrum disorders

Patrick F. Bolton, Melanie Roobol, Lucy Allsopp, Andrew Pickles

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    We conducted a case-controlled, catch-up study of a cohort of boys born with macrocephaly in order to determine whether infantile macrocephaly is a risk marker for the later development of autism spectrum disorders. Our results show that infantile macrocephaly was associated with an increased risk of developing autism spectrum disorders (odds ratio 5.44, 95% CI 1.11-52.15; p=0.03). These findings suggest that neurobiological differences during infancy may predict behavioural manifestations of autism spectrum disorders.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)726-727
    Number of pages1
    JournalThe Lancet
    Issue number9283
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2001


    • abnormalities
    • Autistic Disorder
    • Case-Control Studies
    • Cephalometry
    • Child,Preschool
    • diagnosis
    • etiology
    • Human
    • Infant
    • Male
    • Odds Ratio
    • Questionnaires
    • Risk
    • Skull


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