Characterization of depression in prodromal Huntington disease in the neurobiological predictors of HD (PREDICT-HD) study.

Leigh J Beglinger, Jess G Fiedorowicz, Mark Groves, Kelly R Bijanki, Stephen Cross (Collaborator), Patricia Ryan (Collaborator), Eric A Epping (Collaborator), Stacie Vik (Collaborator), Edmond Chiu (Collaborator), Joy Preston (Collaborator), Anita Goh (Collaborator), Stephanie Antonopoulos (Collaborator), Samantha Loi (Collaborator), Phyllis Chua (Collaborator), Angela Komiti (Collaborator), Lynn Raymond (Collaborator), Joji Decolongon (Collaborator), Mannie Fan (Collaborator), Allison Coleman (Collaborator), Christopher A Ross (Collaborator)Mark Varvaris (Collaborator), Nadine Yoritomo (Collaborator), William M Mallonee (Collaborator), Greg Suter (Collaborator), Ali Samiiand Alma Macaraeg (Collaborator), Randi Jones (Collaborator), Cathy Wood-Siverio (Collaborator), Stewart A Factor (Collaborator), Roger A Barker (Collaborator), Sarah Mason (Collaborator), Natalie Valle Guzman (Collaborator), Elizabeth McCusker (Collaborator), Jane Griffith (Collaborator), Clement Loy (Collaborator), David Gunn (Collaborator), Michael Orth (Collaborator), Sigurd Süβmuth (Collaborator), Katrin Barth (Collaborator), Sonja Trautmann (Collaborator), Daniela Schwenk (Collaborator), Carolin Eschenbach (Collaborator), Kimberly Quaid (Collaborator), Melissa Wesson (Collaborator), Joanne Wojcieszek (Collaborator), Mark Guttman (Collaborator), Alanna Sheinberg (Collaborator), Albie Law (Collaborator), Susan Perlman (Collaborator), Brian Clemente (Collaborator), Michael D Geschwind (Collaborator), Sharon Sha (Collaborator), Gabriela Satris (Collaborator), Tom Warner (Collaborator), Maggie Burrows (Collaborator), Anne Rosser (Collaborator), Kathy Price (Collaborator), Sarah Hunt (Collaborator), Frederick Marshall (Collaborator), Amy Chesire (Collaborator), Mary Wodarski (Collaborator), Charlyne Hickey (Collaborator), Peter Panegyres (Collaborator), Joseph Lee (Collaborator), Maria Tedesco (Collaborator), Brenton Maxwell (Collaborator), Joel Perlmutter (Collaborator), Stacey Barton (Collaborator), Shineeka Smith (Collaborator), Zosia Miedzybrodzka (Collaborator), Daniela Rae (Collaborator), Mariella D'Alessandro (Collaborator), David Craufurd (Collaborator), Judith Bek (Collaborator), Elizabeth Howard (Collaborator), Pietro Mazzoni (Collaborator), Karen Marder (Collaborator), Paula Wasserman (Collaborator), Rajeev Kumar (Collaborator), Diane Erickson (Collaborator), Breanna Nickels (Collaborator), Vicki Wheelock (Collaborator), Lisa Kjer (Collaborator), Amanda Martin (Collaborator), Sarah Farias (Collaborator), Wayne Martin (Collaborator), Pamela King (Collaborator), Marguerite Wieler (Collaborator), Satwinder Sran (Collaborator), Oksana Suchowersky (Collaborator), Anwar Ahmed (Collaborator), Stephen Rao (Collaborator), Christine Reece (Collaborator), Alex Bura (Collaborator), Lyla Mourany (Collaborator), Jagan Pallai (Collaborator), Jane S Paulsen (Collaborator), Jeffrey D Long (Collaborator), Hans J Johnson (Collaborator), Jeremy H Bockholt (Collaborator), Kelsey Montross (Collaborator), Jean Paul Vonsattel (Collaborator), Carol Moskowitz (Collaborator), Deborah Harrington (Collaborator), Tamara Hershey (Collaborator), Holly Westervelt (Collaborator), Megan M Smith (Collaborator), David J Moser (Collaborator), Janet Williams (Collaborator), Nancy Downing (Collaborator), Elizabeth Aylward (Collaborator), Vincent A Magnotta (Collaborator), Ji-In Kim (Collaborator), James A Mills (Collaborator), Ying Zhang (Collaborator), Dawei Liu (Collaborator), Wenjing Lu (Collaborator), Spencer Lourens (Collaborator), Cheryl Erwin (Collaborator), Martha Nance (Collaborator), Ryan Wyse (Collaborator)

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


    Depression causes significant morbidity and mortality, and this also occurs in Huntington Disease (HD), an inherited neurodegenerative illness with motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms. The presentation of depression in this population remains poorly understood, particularly in the prodromal period before development of significant motor symptoms. In this study, we assessed depressive symptoms in a sample of 803 individuals with the HD mutation in the prodromal stage and 223 mutation-negative participants at the time of entry in the Neurobiological Predictors of HD (PREDICT-HD) study. Clinical and biological HD variables potentially related to severity of depression were analyzed. A factor analysis was conducted to characterize the symptom domains of depression in a subset (n=168) with clinically significant depressive symptoms. Depressive symptoms were found to be more prevalent in HD mutation carriers but did not increase with proximity to HD diagnosis and were not associated with length of the HD mutation. Increased depressive symptoms were significantly associated with female gender, self-report of past history of depression, and a slight decrease in functioning, but not with time since genetic testing. The factor analysis identified symptom domains similar to prior studies in other populations. These results show that individuals with the HD mutation are at increased risk to develop depressive symptoms at any time during the HD prodrome. The clinical presentation appears to be similar to other populations. Severity and progression are not related to the HD mutation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)1423-1431
    Number of pages8
    JournalJournal of Psychiatric Research
    Issue number10
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2013


    • Depression
    • Genetic testing
    • Huntington disease
    • Suicide


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