Ciencia y conciencia del cambio: Hacia una nueva vision del desarrollo humano

Translated title of the contribution: Science and awareness of change: Towards a new vision of human development

Augusto Serrano Lopez, Alfredo Stein

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The book cooperates in the generation of scientific theory of human development. It raises what it is like to live a dignified life through dignified work on an Earth recognized in its own rights, as we produce well-being. It takes into account the anthropological and political dimensions of human development, and it raises it as the implication that exists between society as a whole and the rest of the realm of life. The two poles of this relationship are the human subject and the Earth. The book takes into account five types of changes that have brought about the era in which we live and that are fundamental in human development: climate change, changes in the communication systems, in working processes, in the use of natural resources, and in financial systems. It proposes new ways of trying to see and scientifically understand the world as a complex, limited, contingent reality, intervened by the subject. A world where what is possible is only possible if it is compossible with others. With this, the authors extend their research initiated in Re-constructing the city: public space as a place of symmetry, dialogue and transparency published in 2019, in an attempt to structure alternative answers to the new great challenges of our society.
Translated title of the contributionScience and awareness of change: Towards a new vision of human development
Original languageSpanish
Place of PublicationAlicante
PublisherUniversidad de Alicante
Number of pages374
ISBN (Print)978-84-9717-764-1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2021


  • work
  • climate change
  • communication systems
  • financial systems


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