Clinical Diversity in Focal Congenital Hyperinsulinism in Infancy Correlates with Histological Heterogeneity of Islet Cell Lesions

Ross Craigie, Maria Salomon Estebanez, Daphne Yau, Bing Han, Walaa Mal, Melanie Newbould, Edmund Cheesman, Stefania Bitetti, Zainab Mohamed, Rakesh Sajjan, Raja Padidela, Mars Skae, Sarah Flanagan, Sian Ellard, Karen Cosgrove, Indraneel Banerjee, Mark Dunne

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI) is an important cause of severe and persistent hypoglycaemia in infancy and childhood. The focal form (CHI-F) of CHI can be potentially cured by pancreatic lesionectomy. While diagnostic characteristics of CHI-F pancreatic histopathology are well-recognized, correlation with clinical phenotype has not been established.

Aims: We aimed to correlate the diversity in clinical profiles of patients with islet cell organization in CHI-F pancreatic tissue.

Methods: Clinical datasets were obtained from 25 patients with CHI-F due to ABCC8/KCNJ11 mutations. 18F-DOPA PET-CT was used to localize focal lesions prior to surgery. Immunohistochemistry was used to support protein expression studies.

Results: In 28% (n = 7) of patient tissues focal lesions were amorphous and projected into adjoining normal pancreatic tissue without clear delineation from normal tissue. In these cases, severe hypoglycaemia was detected within, on average, 2.8 ± 0.8 (range 1–7) days following birth. By contrast, in 72% (n = 18) of tissues focal lesions were encapsulated within a defined matrix capsule. In this group, the onset of severe hypoglycaemia was generally delayed; on average 46.6 ± 14.3 (range 1–180) days following birth. For patients with encapsulated lesions and later-onset hypoglycaemia, we found that surgical procedures were curative and less complex.

Conclusion: CHI-F is associated with heterogeneity in the organization of focal lesions, which correlates well with clinical presentation and surgical outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
JournalFrontiers in Endocrinology
Issue number619
Early online date17 Oct 2018
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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