Combining Electromagnetic Spectroscopy and Ground-Penetrating Radar for the Detection of Anti-Personnel Landmines

Liam Marsh, Wouter Van Verre, John Davidson, Xianyang Gao, Frank Podd, David Daniels, Anthony Peyton

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Dual mode detectors combining metal detection and ground-penetrating radar are increasingly being used during humanitarian demining operations because of their ability to discriminate metal clutter. There are many reports in the academic literature studying metal detector and ground-penetrating radar systems individually. However, the combination of these techniques has received much less attention. This paper describes the development of a novel dual modality landmine detector, which integrates spectroscopic metal detection with ground-penetrating radar. This paper presents a feature-level sensor fusion strategy based on three features extracted from the two sensors. This paper shows how the data from the two components can be fused together to enrich the feedback to the operator. The algorithms presented in this paper are targeted at automating the location of buried, visibly obscured objects; however, the system described is also capable of collecting information which could also be used for the potential classification of such items.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1
Number of pages19
Issue number3390
Publication statusPublished - 2 Aug 2019


  • electromagnetic induction
  • magnetic spectroscopy
  • ground-penetrating radar
  • multi-modal sensing
  • landmine detection
  • explosive remnants of war
  • metal characterisation


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    Peyton, A., Fletcher, A., Daniels, D., Conniffe, D., Cheadle, E., Podd, F., Xu, H., Tesfalem, H., Davidson, J., Anderson, J., Tang, J., Hampton, J., Wilson, J., Barratt, K., Marsh, L., Chen, L., O'Toole, M., Lu, M., Ran, Q., Huang, R., Watson, S., Ozdeger, T., Van Verre, W., Yin, W., Gao, X., Tao, Y., Chen, Z., Regan, A., Li, J. & Cheng, Q.

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