[Composition] Bowling Along

Richard Fay (Composer), Sam Gee (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formComposition


The original sketch for this piece was composed by Richard Fay in 2006, and it has now been re-arranged and extended (as a composition-as-output) by Sam Gee and recorded for the upcoming album, Flotsam, due out later this year.

(Draft Sleeve Note)
The album closes with a bonus: Bowling Along. A sketched fragment of this tune (2006) lay as unfinished jetsam in my collection, but here it's been re-arranged, extended, and transformed by Sam Gee (and his wonderful playing of all the saxes) and by the drive of George Bingham's percussion. Sam’s many, many musical, artistic, and technical skills bring my music to life. Without him, it'd still be rattling around my head, wisps of melodic potential in the vast expanse of life. I can’t overstate my appreciation for all that he brings to this album and to the ones that preceded it, Helix (2019), Hamosity (2021), and Magu Hiraeth (2023). His touch is also evident in the arrangement of Ar Ben Y Clogwyn.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusIn preparation - Dec 2023


  • Flotsam
  • ethno-classical
  • intercultural musicking


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