Convolutional neural networks with balanced batches for facial expressions recognition

E.B. Sonmez, A. Cangelosi

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This paper considers the issue of fully automatic emotion classification on 2D faces. In spite of the great effort done in recent years, traditional machine learning approaches based on hand-crafted feature extraction followed by the
classification stage failed to develop a real-time automatic facial expression recognition system. The proposed architecture uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), which are built as a collection of interconnected processing
elements to simulate the brain of human beings. The basic idea of CNNs is to learn a hierarchical representation of the input data, which results in a better classification performance. In this work we present a block-based CNN algorithm, which uses noise, as data augmentation technique, and builds batches with a balanced number of samples per class. The proposed architecture is a very simple yet powerful CNN, which can yield state-of-the-art accuracy on the very competitive benchmark algorithm of the Extended Cohn Kanade database.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSPIE Proceedings
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventNinth International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2016) - Nice, France
Duration: 18 Nov 201620 Nov 2016


ConferenceNinth International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV 2016)
Abbreviated titleICMV


  • Affective computing
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • facial expression recognition


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