Cough in Ambulatory Immunocompromised Adults: CHEST Expert Panel Report

MJ Rosen, B Ireland, M Narasimhan, C French, RS Irwin, TM Adams, KW Altman, AF Barker, SS Birring, Fiona Blackhall, DC Bolser, SS Braman, C Brightling, P Callahan-Lyon, AB Chang, A Cote, T Cowley, P Davenport, S Ebihara, AA El-SolhP Escalante, A Fainstein, SK Field, D Fisher, CT French, P Gibson, P Gold, A Harnden, AT Hill, RS Irwin, PJ Kahrilas, KA Keogh, K Lai, K Lim, Mark Madison, MA Malesker, S Mazzone, A Molassoitis, Murad Hassan, M Narasimhan, HQ Nguyen, P Newcombe, JJ Oppenheimer, MI Restrepo, M Rosen, B Rubin, JH Ryu, J Smith, SM Tarlo, J Turmel, AE Vertigan, G Wang, M Weinberger, K Weir

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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