Cr-enriched yeast: beyond fibers for the management of postprandial glycemic response to bread

A.E. Yanni, N. Stamataki, M. Stoupaki, P. Konstantopoulos, I. Pateras, N. Tentolouris, D. Perrea, V. T. Karathanos

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Purpose Efforts regarding the amelioration of postprandial glycemic response to bread are mainly focused in the addition of soluble dietary fibers. The current study presents another approach which is based on the supplementation of flour with Cr-enriched yeast. Cr is known for its beneficial effects on improvement of glucose tolerance and enhancement of insulin sensitivity. Methods Twelve normoglycemic subjects were provided with white bread (WB, reference food) or whole wheat bread with Cr-enriched yeast (WWCrB, rich in insoluble fibers) or white wheat bread with Cr-enriched yeast (WCrB, poor in fibers) or whole wheat-rye-barley bread enriched with oat beta glucans (BGB, rich in soluble fibers) with 1-week intervals in amounts that yielded 50 g of available carbohydrates. Postprandial glucose, insulin and ghrelin responses as well as glycemic index (GI) were evaluated. Results Ingestion of WWCrB, WCrB and BGB elicited lower incremental area under the curve (iAUC) for 120-min glycemic response compared to WB (1033.02 ± 282.32, 701.69 ± 330.86 and 748.95 ± 185.42 vs 2070.87 ± 518.44 mg/dL min, respectively, P < 0.05 for WCrB and BGB). The GI was calculated as 62.35 ± 11.78 for WWCrB, 34.22 ± 11.93 for WCrB and 37.90 ± 5.00 for BGB (P < 0.05 vs WB, GI = 100). iAUC for 120-min insulin response to BGB was significantly lower than WB (2780.04 ± 303.26 vs 3915.53 ± 490.57 μU/mL min, P < 0.05), while ghrelin remained suppressed for almost 120 min after the consumption of WWCrB and BGB. Conclusions Supplementation of flour with Cr-enriched yeast induces milder postprandial glycemic response to bread without the necessity of high fiber amounts, providing with another strategy for the management of glycemic control.
Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Journal of Nutrition
Early online date25 Feb 2016
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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