David Berezan (Composer)

Research output: Non-textual formComposition


Cyclo comes from the daily ritual of cycling between my home and the studios I composed in Birmingham (UK). At the time, my life in England was punctuated by the sounds of my bike, the rhythm of the activity and the familiar sound spaces I was traveling on the way. I decided to exploit the richness of this sound environment by creating something that suggests both the energy, the speed and the roughness of the cyclist's movements, as well as the magic of the " journey " . Cyclo is an abstract and magical sound universe that contains contrasts and combines natural, mechanical, muscular and delicate aspects. This " deconstruction "followed by a " reconstruction " of the sound object " bike " produces something new, a new object, from the sound material of the original object. This leads to multiple juxtapositions of concrete and abstract perspectives (close observation, inner contemplation, open soundscape). Cyclo is as much about cycling and traveling as it is about the inner sound world and bike mechanics.
The term " cyclo " combines the words circle, cycle (as in " bicycle " ) and cyclic. It is fundamental to the looping or rotating nature of pedaling, breathing, wheels, gears and the repeated cycle of daily movements. The word " cyclo " is also used in Southeast Asia, where it refers to the bicycle rickshaw and its " shooter " (which has nothing to do with the piece, although this meaning is recognized in due form through the integration of gamelan's range to the processing of certain notes).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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