Data and modelling

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Chapter 3 delves into the processes involved in the transitions between the three levels that can be distinguished for modelling work: reality – system – model. To work up – from the reality plane (the problem investigated) to the system plane (demarcation of the system studied) and to the model plane (the model developed for experimenting with solutions) – and down again, is an art that can probably best be taught by experience. However, we try to give a flavour of the activities involved in modelling and particular issues to watch out for.

It also opens the lid of the box marked ‘model’. There are many approaches in the model toolkit. The chapter introduces the basic ideas of some common and archetypical operational research techniques.

These quantitative models depend on the data parameters fed to them and, in the case of simulation models, themselves generate a lot of data. We therefore also introduced examples of some typical data analysis tasks and useful statistical tools.

Later chapters contain some larger examples of applications of models to healthcare problems.
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