Richard Fay (Composer)

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This ethnoclassical work was composed by Richard Fay in 2021 and recorded as a (composition-as-output) piece on the album Hamosity.

Album Sleeve Note/Credits
This new album, Hamosity, was already in my mind, but its production in 2020 ... the product of isolated recordings during lockdown ... was the result of a desire to maintain both an income stream for the musicians with whom I am privileged to work and also to contribute to the well-being of musicians and all those benefitting from their craft. The full title - Hamosity: Music in Hard Times - is intentional. These days of locked-down musicking involved eight months’ of recording by 20+ musicians playing one, two, and sometimes more instruments. It’s been a sonic jigsaw assembled by Sam Gee whose own diverse performance skills grace this new album to complement his recording, mixing, mastering and production, all undertaken with patience, calm, kindness, and boundless enthusiasm.

Hamosity is endeavour which celebrates musicking in all its forms, and it challenges the pandemic erosion of music-making. The title comes from a decade or so (from 1995) of journeying in Greece, Bulgaria, and elsewhere in south-east Europe (the Balkans) - weeks spent in the metropolises and the mountains, immersed in the sights and sounds around me. It was a time, too, of personal contentment, of music, and musicking. A key aspect of my work in those days was the hamos (xamos), the unexpected, the chaotic, in which, and through which, everything seemed to develop. The CD takes its title from Hamosity Horo (2002) a piece which tries to captures that spirit of mayhem, destructive at times but also generative. It was built on a fragment written earlier as I despaired at the war in Bosnia, the devastation it caused, and the ugliness of humanity it brought to the fore.
released May 6, 2021

Composer: Richard Fay
Mixing & Mastering: Sam Gee

Cover Art & Illustration: Claire Loveday
Graphic Design: Sam Gee

Yiğit Alp Onat: cello
Katherine Blumer: clarinet, bass clarinet
Hilary Dennis: piano
Bob Dinn: trumpet, flugelhorn
Jackie Fay: clairseach, viola
Richard Fay: accordion, euphonium, valve trombone
Jack Fearn: alto and baritone saxes
Pierre Flasse: trombone
Sam Gee: bassoon, soprano and tenor saxes
Rohan Iyer: tuba
Mabon Jones: violin
Méabh Kennedy: violin
Jemima Kingsland: flute
Claire Loveday: trumpet
Daniel Mawson: clarinet
Frankie McCormick: clarinet
Dan Mitchell: bass trombone
Lucie Phillips: electric bass
Alice Roberts: clairseach
Sheila Seal: piano, electric bass
Delia Stevens: diverse percussion
Sophie Sully: double bass
Angela Usher: tenor banjo
Ali Vennart: viola
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputCD
Publication statusPublished - 6 May 2021


  • Hamosity
  • ethno-classical


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  • Heron Pool (The) (Film)

    Fay, R., Loveday (artist), C. & Gee, S., Jan 2021

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