Direct Evidence for Dynamic Phase Transformation during High Temperature Deformation in Ti-64

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The microstructure of Ti-64 strongly affects the forming and in-service behaviour of aerospace components. The development of microstructure, including crystallographic texture, during thermomechanical processing involves changes caused by deformation, annealing and phase transformation. Recently, it has been reported that deformation and transformation occur concurrently, in a dynamic α → β transformation process, driven by the net flow softening it produces. Here, we present the results of an in-situ synchrotron diffraction experiment that aimed to detect and measure the extent of dynamic phase transformation during hot deformation and its contribution to the crystallographic texture of the alloy. Forged Ti-64 samples were deformed in uniaxial tension at 950°C and a strain rate of about 0.02 s-1, using an electro-thermal mechanical tester (ETMT) mounted on the I12: JEEP beamline at Diamond Light Source. By using a high energy 89 keV synchrotron X-ray beam and a fast acquisition rate (10 Hz) we were able to measure, during deformation, the internal elastic lattice strains in the two phases, the crystallographic texture of both phases and the α → β phase fraction. The results show, for the first time, direct evidence of dynamic transformation during isothermal hot deformation.
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JournalMATEC Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 12 Oct 2020

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