Richard Fay (Composer)

Research output: Non-textual formComposition


This is the most recently written (in 2019) piece on the Helix album and it invokes the day's end. It was written earlier in the year but set out in full in December at the year's end. The title alludes to a moment high up in the Taygetos mountains in southern Greece in late autumn. After many years of aspiration, not to mention much perspiration, we finally climbed Halasmeno, the allusive and illusive 'broken' mountain I first saw 20 years earlier. As we retraced our steps to the col at Mousghia, we paused as dusk enveloped us, the night rising to dress the mountains, stone figures moment by moment losing their definition, retreating silhouettes, and finally just the memory of silhouettes. A liminal moment between day and night, between the hardship of ascent and descent and the return to the warmth of the hut, between aspiration and exhilaration, between urban realities of work and home and this wild(er)ness of high Taygetos that hung over me for 20 years.
from Helix: Music for Hard Times, released January 1, 2020
Composed by: Richard Fay (1985-2018)
Recorded, mixed, mastered by: Sam Gee

Katherine Blumer (clarinet)
Bob Dinn (trumpet)
James Heathcote (cello)
Mabon Jones (violin)
Sarah Keirle (viola)
Jemima Kirkland (flute)
Dan Mawson (bass clarinet)
Sheila Seal (piano)
Nina Semertzidou (violin)
Delia Stevens (percussion)
Sophie Sully (double bass)
Imogen Trinder (flute)
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2020


  • Helix
  • ethno-classical


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