Entrepreneurship Education and Career Paths: Evidence From An Entrepreneurship Centre

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Entrepreneurship education (EE) has become increasingly important for universities. As part of a programme equipping students with the capabilities to start and develop businesses, alongside a broader portfolio of workplace skills, EE is seen as critical at individual and collective levels. Despite these objectives, both models and mediums of EE have seen increased debate, particularly as the entrepreneurship agenda migrates beyond the business school. One prevalent question for EE is which method of delivery is most effective in creating entrepreneurial outcomes. The absence of longitudinal analysis following students’ entrepreneurial careers beyond immediate graduation limits understanding of what types of EE work. Similarly, limitations in the form of EE - formal vs non-formal, focused vs blended - considered in much discussion prevents broader comparative understanding. This working paper sets out a framework and methodology for analysis to address some of these extant gaps. Positioning EE as part of an entrepreneurship centre (EC) model, delivering blended support across an institution via formal and non-formal means, it examines the progress and destination of students engaged with the EC and the blend of EE in which they participate during their studies. The proposed analysis will make three contributions toward EE debates; adding important longitudinal data to evidence on entrepreneurial outcomes, conducting a broader analysis of the effect of different modes of EE, and discussing the value and benefits of an EC model in delivering EE.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInstitute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
ISBN (Electronic)ISBN: 978-1-900862-33-2
Publication statusPublished - 28 Oct 2021


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