Erbium doped gallium arsenide a self-organizing low dimensional system

A. R. Peaker, H. Efeoglu, J. M. Langer, A. C. Wright, I. Poole, K. E. Singer

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


The growth of erbium doped gallium arsenide by MBE at normal substrate temperatures (580°C) is constrained by a solubility limit of 8×1017 cm-3. This is much less than is desirable for optical emitters using the forbidden 4f transitions of Er3+ to produce radiation at 1.54μm. We have developed an MBE technique where it is possible to produce spherical mesoscopic precipitates containing erbium as a matrix element within the gallium arsenide. Structural and analytical studies indicate that the precipitate is cubic (rock salt) erbium arsenide. The physical size of the precipitates is self limiting as a result of surface migration occurring during MBE growth. By adjusting the growth conditions it is possible to produce an array of uniform erbium arsenide quantum dots of a size chosen from the range 10-20 A. The dot be varied by changing the erbium flux.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationRare Earth Doped Semiconductors
EditorsGernot S. Pomrenke, Paul B. Klein, Dietrich W. Langer
PublisherMaterials Research Society
Number of pages9
ISBN (Print)1558991972
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1993
EventProceedings of the 1993 Materials Society Spring Meeting - San Francisco, CA, USA
Duration: 13 Apr 199315 Apr 1993

Publication series

NameMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
ISSN (Print)0272-9172


ConferenceProceedings of the 1993 Materials Society Spring Meeting
CitySan Francisco, CA, USA


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