European Glacial Landscapes: Maximum Extent of Glaciations

David Palacios, Philip Hughes, Jose Maria García Ruiz, Nuria de Andrés

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


European Glacial Landscapes: Maximum Extent of Glaciations brings together relevant experts on the history of glaciers and their
impact on the landscape of the main regions of Europe. In some regions the largest recorded glaciations occurred before the Last
Glacial Cycle, in one of the major glacial cycles of the Middle Pleistocene. The book also analyses these older glacial landforms that
can sometimes still be seen in the landscape today. However, the best preserved evidence of glaciation in the landscape is from the
Last Glacial Cycle (Late Pleistocene). This analysis provides a better understanding of the succession of Pleistocene glaciations and the
intervening interglacial periods, examining possible continental synchrony or asynchrony of past glacier behaviour. The result of this
analysis gives important new insights and information on the origin and effects of climatic and geomorphological variability across
The book examines the landscapes produced by glaciers throughout Europe, the geomorphological effects of glaciations, as well as
the chronology and evolution of the past glaciers, with the aim of understanding the interrelationship between glacial expansion and
climate changes on this continent. This book is a valuable tool for geographers, geologists, environmental scientists and researchers
in physics and earth sciences.
Key features
● Provides a synthesis that highlights the main similarities or differences, through both space and time, during the maximum recorded
expansions of Pleistocene glaciers in Europe.
● Features research from experts in glacial geomorphology, palaeo-glaciology, palaeo-climatology and palaeo-oceanography on
glacial expansion in Europe.
● Includes detailed colour figures and maps, providing a comprehensive overview of the glacial landscapes of Europe during the last
Original languageEnglish
PublisherElsevier BV
Number of pages546
ISBN (Electronic)9780128236079
ISBN (Print)9780128234983
Publication statusPublished - 2 Dec 2021


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