Evaluation of the use of global haemostasis assays to monitor treatment in factor XI deficiency

Gillian N Pike, Anthony Cumming, Jecko Thachil, Charles R M Hay, John Burthem, Paula H B Bolton-Maggs

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INTRODUCTION: Previous guidelines recommend that FXI:C levels should be used to monitor FXI replacement in factor XI (FXI) deficiency. However, FXI:C levels do not correlate with bleeding tendency in this disorder and may not be the optimal test by which to monitor and determine further treatment in the postoperative period.

AIM: To assess whether the thrombin generation assay (TGA) and rotational thromboelastometry can be used to monitor FXI replacement peri-operatively in FXI deficiency and to determine if changes in FXI:C levels correlate with changes in thrombin generation and clot formation parameters following treatment with solvent-detergent fresh frozen plasma (SD-FFP).

METHODS: The TGA and rotational thromboelastometry were used to measure thrombin generation and clot formation in 11 adults with FXI deficiency who were treated with either SD-FFP (n = 8) or FXI concentrate (n = 3) as prophylaxis peri-operatively. Blood samples were taken pre- and 30 min post-treatment.

RESULTS: Global haemostasis assays can be used to measure the effect of FXI replacement with SD-FFP or FXI concentrate in FXI deficiency. Both treatment types improved thrombin generation and clot formation. However, the remaining response to treatment at 24 h post SD-FFP was variable and changes in FXI:C levels were not predictive of changes in thrombin generation/thromboelastometry parameters after treatment with SD-FFP.

CONCLUSION: Global haemostasis assays may provide a more reliable means of monitoring SD-FFP treatment with the potential to prevent individuals receiving unnecessary treatment, however, their clinical use in decision making needs to be tested in a larger prospective study.

Original languageEnglish
Early online date8 Nov 2016
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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