Exploring Brushing Data From a Feasibility School-Based Connected Toothbrushing Program

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This study aimed to identify the engagement level with the connected toothbrush, establish brushing frequency, timing, coverage, and duration during the research period, and compare data from the first and third month to observe changes over time.

Data on brushing behaviour were obtained from a feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial exploring connected toothbrush use in a school-based brushing program. Participants, aged 8-11 with smart device access, were recruited from six primary schools in deprived areas in Manchester, England. Randomisation at school level allocated participants to either receive a connected brush and text message intervention (intervention group) or only the connected brush (control group).


Out of the 409 participants provided with a toothbrush, 289 (71%) connected and used the device during the study. Of those who engaged in using the connected devices, participants brushed at least twice a day on 48.2% of the days they brushed. 78.8 % of parents indicated their children brushed their teeth twice a day on completed questionnaires. Although brushing frequency remained relatively stable from the first to last month, the number of participants using the device decreased. 281 participants brushed an average of 26.8 times (SD 17.1) in the first month compared to 179 participants who brushed an average of 26.8 times (SD 18.9) in the third month of the study.


Not all children connected their device or used their device during the study. Consistent twice-daily brushing was infrequently recorded. Consideration must be given to the potential omission of brushing sessions, as the data may exclude sessions if participants failed to sync the toothbrush with the app. The data presented in this paper has been taken from a feasibility trial; therefore, results should be interpreted with caution.
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024
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ConferenceIADR 2024
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