FAIR Digital Object Demonstrators 2021

Peter Wittenburg, Ivonne Anders, Christophe Blanchi, Merret Buurman, Carole Goble, Jonas Grieb, Alex Hardisty, Sharif Islam, Thomas Jejkal, Tibor Kálmán, Christine Kirkpatrick, Laurence Lannom, Thomas Lauer, Giridhar Manepalli, Karsten Peters-von Gehlen, Andreas Pfeil, Robert Quick, Mark van de Sanden, Ulrich Schwardmann, Stian Soiland-ReyesRainer Stotzka, Zachary Trautt, Dieter Van Uytvanck, Claus Weiland, Philipp Wieder

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


This paper gives a summary of implementation activities in the realm of FAIR Digital Objects (FDO). It gives an idea which software components are robust and used for many years, which components are comparatively new and are being tested out in pilot projects and what the challenges are that need to be urgently addressed by the FDO community. After basically only one year of advancing the FDO specifications by the FDO Forum we can recognise an increasing momentum to test and integrate essential FDO components. However, many developments still occur as soloistic engagements that offer a scattered picture. It is widely agreed that it is now time to combine these different pilots to comprehensive testbeds, to identify still existing gaps and to turn some services into components of a convincing and stable infrastructure. This step is urgently needed to convince even more institutions to invest in FDO technology and therefore to increase FAIRness of the evolving global data space.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 18 Jan 2022


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