Fire Resistance Design Methods for Thin-Walled Steel Structural Panels for Wall Construction

Ashkan Shahbazian, Yong Chang Wang

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Cold-formed thin-walled steel sections are widely used as load bearing members in low-rise housingconstruction, for which both ambient temperature ultimate strength and fire resistance are importantconsiderations. For ambient temperature design calculations, the traditional approach is the effective widthmethod. There is now a growing movement to replace the effective width method by the Direct StrengthMethod. Using DSM, the elastic buckling resistance of a thin-walled column, either in local buckling, distortionalbuckling or global buckling, is combined with the cross-sectional resistance to obtain the design resistance,in a similar way to normal column design. Making use of validated computer programs, the elastic bucklingresistance can be easily calculated. DSM eliminates the tedious procedure of calculating effective widths,which is particularly useful for thin-walled sections with stiffeners. For fire resistance calculations, non-uniformtemperature distribution in the cross-section requires the cross-section to be divided into a large number ofstrips of similar temperature, equivalent to a cross-section with many segments of different properties. Thismakes the Direct Strength Method particularly attractive compared to the effective width method.The Direct Strength Method has been developed and validated for ambient temperature column design underpure axial load. This research will develop DSM to enable it to be used under combined axial compression andbending moment induced as a result of thermal bowing deflection and non-uniform material properties.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2011
EventYoung Researchers' Conference 2011 - London, UK
Duration: 1 Jan 1824 → …


ConferenceYoung Researchers' Conference 2011
CityLondon, UK
Period1/01/24 → …


  • Fire Resistance; Cold-formed thin-walled steel structures; Direct Strength Method; Numerical Modelling; Global Buckling


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