Fluctuations and correlations for products of real asymmetric random matrices

Will Fitzgerald, Nick Simm

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We study the real eigenvalue statistics of products of independent real Ginibre random matrices. These are matrices all of whose entries are real i.i.d. standard Gaussian random variables. For such product ensembles, we demonstrate the asymptotic normality of suitably normalised linear statistics of the real eigenvalues and compute the limiting variance explicitly in both global and mesoscopic regimes. A key part of our proof establishes uniform decorrelation estimates for the related Pfaffian point process, thereby allowing us to exploit weak dependence of the real eigenvalues to give simple and quick proofs of the central limit theorems under quite general conditions. We also establish the universality of these point processes. We compute the asymptotic limit of all correlation functions of the real eigenvalues in the bulk, origin and spectral edge regimes. By a suitable strengthening of the convergence at the edge, we also obtain the limiting fluctuations of the largest real eigenvalue. Near the origin we find new limiting distributions characterising the smallest positive real eigenvalue.
Original languageEnglish
JournalAnnales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2022


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