Global optometrist top 200 research ranking

Nathan Efron, Philip B Morgan, Lyndon W Jones, George A Morgan, Jason J Nichols

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Clinical relevance: Clinical optometric practice is underpinned by a rigorous research base, the primary evidence for which is publications in refereed scientific journals. Leading optometrists who publish this work should be identified and celebrated.

Background: This work aims to derive publication metrics of the leading optometric researchers worldwide.

Methods: An extensive global search was conducted to discover leading optometric researchers; 480 names were identified. A custom-designed bibliographic search tool was developed to interrogate the Scopus database (Elsevier) and extract publication metrics using the unique Scopus Author Identifier number for each optometrist. On 13 January 2021, the full list was reduced to 200 optometrists (the ‘Top 200’) ranked by h-index – the ‘Global Optometrist Top 200 Research Ranking’. The output from the custom tool automatically updates every 24 hours and is available at

Results: The Top 200 have h-indices ranging from 20 to 67 and have published between 28 and 440 papers. Sixty one (30.5%) are women. Konrad Pesudovs has the highest h-index (67) and citations (51,193). The most prolific author is Robert Hess (442 papers). David Piñero is publishing at the fastest rate (17.6 papers per year). The Top 200 work in 13 nations, of whom 172 (86.0%) work in four nations: USA – 76 (38.0%), Australia – 43 (21.5%), UK – 41 (20.5%) and Canada – 16 (8.0%). Of the 72 institutions represented, the University of California, Berkeley, USA is home to the most Top 200 optometrists (17) and has the highest combined h-index of Top 200 optometrists (132).

Conclusions: The optometric profession is supported by a robust research base, prosecuted by a large international cohort of optometric researchers who publish extensively on a broad range of ophthalmic issues and whose work is highly cited. The 200 most impactful optometrists in the world are identified.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)471-485
Number of pages15
JournalClinical and Experimental Optometry
Issue number4
Early online date4 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2021


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