Graphene Polymer Composite

IA Kinloch (Other), University Of Manchester (Other), RJ Young (Other), KS. Noveselov (Other)

    Research output: Patent


    NOVELTY - Nanocomposite material comprises: either a substrate, optionally functionalized graphene, an optional adhesive component for adhering the optionally functionalized graphene to the substrate and an optional protective layer to cover the optionally functionalized graphene; or optionally functionalized graphene dispersed in a liquid carrier, where the liquid carrier once applied to a surface is able to form a film to coat the surface. USE - The nanocomposite material is useful for the production of an electronic device and/or structural material (claimed), where the electronic device includes a sensor (e.g. strain sensor), electrodes, a field emitter device, high strength composites and storage structures of hydrogen, lithium and other metals e.g. fuel cell, optical devices and transducers, and the structural material includes building materials (e.g. steels or concrete lintels) and parts of existing structures such as bridges, buildings, aircrafts or other large structures. The nanocomposite material is useful as nanocomposite product including automotive panels, aerospace composites, defence applications (e.g. armour) and civil structures (e.g. bridge components and paints). ADVANTAGE - The nanocomposite material has improved properties such as fracture properties, increased modulus, increased strength and increased toughness and minimized residual strains. The nanocomposite exhibits semiconductive electrical properties.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberWO2011086391
    Publication statusPublished - Jul 2011


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