Graphite as a core material for Generation IV nuclear reactors

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    Graphite, an attractive moderating material due to its unique characteristics, has been used in different reactor generations and is currently a candidate for future Generation IV high-temperature reactors and molten salt-cooled reactors. The graphite material is complex and its properties are dependent on the length scale. Furthermore, the bulk graphite properties are dependent on many factors, such as manufacturing, grain size, and operational environment. These properties also change over time due to irradiation. Based on experience gained from different current graphite moderated reactors, referring to both past experience and data more recently obtained in various EU Framework projects, this chapter introduces the basics of graphite as a nuclear material for application to Generation IV reactors. Current procedures and understanding of graphite manufacturing, material properties models, component structural integrity assessment, and waste management are presented to help future reactor designers. Specific issues related to high-temperature nuclear graphite are also discussed.
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    Title of host publicationStructural Materials for Generation IV Nuclear Reactors
    EditorsPascal Yvon
    PublisherWoodhead Publishing
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    Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2016

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    • Generation IV
    • Gilsocarbon
    • Graphite
    • Irradiation
    • Nuclear reactor
    • Waste


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