Implementation of Non-Intrusive Jet Exhaust Species Distribution Measurements Within a Test Facility

P Wright, David Mccormick, Joshua Kliment, Krikor Ozanyan, S Tsekenis, E Fisher, H McCann, V Archilla, A González-Núñez, M Johnson, J. Black, M Lengden, D Wilson, W Johnstone, Y Feng, J Nilsson

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    We report on the installation and commissioning of two systems for the measurement of cross-sectional distributions of pollutant species in jet exhaust, within the engine ground test facility at INTA, Madrid. These systems use optical tomography techniques to estimate the cross-sectional distributions of CO2 and soot immediately behind the engine. The systems are designed to accommodate the largest civil aviation engines currently in service, without obstruction of the exhaust or bypass flows and with negligible effect upon the entrained flow behavior. We describe the physical construction and installation status of each system. In the case of the CO2 system, we examine the challenges of achieving the structural rigidity necessary for adequate suppression of pointing error within 126 laser-based transmittance measurements, each utilizing a 7 m overall path length. We describe methods developed for efficient implementation of co-planarity and 4-degree-of-freedom alignment of individual paths within this beam array. We also present laboratory performance data for three alternative optical designs that differ in their approach to the management of pointing error and turbulence-induced beam wander and spread. The FLITES soot monitoring capability is based on laser induced incandescence (LII) and uses a short-pulse fiber laser and two CCD cameras, in an autoprojection arrangement. We describe the measurement geometry currently being implemented in the test cell and discuss optical design issues, including once again the effect of the plume itself.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAerospace Conference, 2016 IEEE
    ISBN (Electronic)978-1-4673-7676-1
    Publication statusPublished - Mar 2016
    EventIEEE Aerospace Conference 2016 - Big Sky, Montana, USA
    Duration: 5 Mar 201612 Mar 2016


    ConferenceIEEE Aerospace Conference 2016
    CityBig Sky, Montana, USA


    • aero engines
    • turbine exhaust
    • lasers
    • tomography


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