Innovations in Co-Created Smart City Services

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This study is focused on co-creation of public services in the smart city from an open innovation management perspective. Drawing on both literature and empirical data from four smart city projects in Eu-rope, it discusses the context of collaborative service creation (co­-creation) requiring public service providers to engage with the citizens in the whole life cycle of service delivery (co-production). An integrated conceptual approach to co-production is adopted in order to understand how public service providers and users can co-create both individual and public value through their interaction in co-producing the services people appreciate and need, to impact on citizen and communal welfare. In particular, the sets of skills necessary for co-producing smart city services effectively are identified, allowing pub-lic service providers to gather the necessary user insight and their operational processes and to identify appropriate management approach-es for delivering effective high quality urban services. Research is based on experience gained from SmartiP, a European multidisciplinary project focused on the co-production of citizens-centered inter-net-enabled services in the public sector. The use made by public service managers of a bespoke Self-Assessment Toolkit is analysed to identify what they prioritised when reporting their experiences of co-production. The results suggest that service managers need not only the capacity and skills for managing co-creation activities but for employing a governance structure that encourages collaboration between the multiplicities of stakeholders involved in the smart city open innovation eco-system. The findings can be used by both scholars and city administrations and public servants concerned with smart city services to drive co-creation activities and to redefine relevant operating processes to ensure sustainable value co-creation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSetting foundations for the creation of public value in smart cities
Subtitle of host publication pp. 197-225.
EditorsManuel Bolívar, M.R.B.
Place of PublicationUnited Kingdom
PublisherSpringer Nature
Number of pages28
EditionPublic Administration and Information Technology
ISBN (Electronic)9783319989532
ISBN (Print)9783319989532
Publication statusPublished - 21 Nov 2019

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Name Public Administration and Information Technology
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  • Smart city; Public service co-production; Value co-creation; Open innovation; Management skills
  • Public service co-production
  • ;Value co-creation
  • Open innovation
  • Management skills


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