Internal Blade Cooling: the Cinderella of Turbomachinery C&EFD

Brian Launder, Hector Iacovides

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    The paper reviews experimental and computational research directed at improving the internal cooling of gas-turbine blades. While not the most glamorous area of gas-turbine aero-thermodynamics, the improvements in overall thermal efficiency directly attributable tointernal blade cooling arguably outstrip those achieved in any other area of jet-engine research.The cooling arrangements within a blade adopt three cooling strategies: impinging leading-edge jets, serpentine passages for the mid-blade section, and pin fins near the trailing edge. Progressin each of these areas is examined. Although, in the second of these areas, CFD studies have now become an essential weapon in the designer’s armoury, the other two still rely mostly on experimentalresearch. Possible further developments are discussed.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - Aug 2006
    Event13th International Heat Transfer Conference, - Sydney, Australia
    Duration: 13 Aug 200618 Aug 2006


    Conference13th International Heat Transfer Conference,
    CitySydney, Australia
    Internet address


    • internal blade cooling
    • rotating flows
    • heat and flow measurements
    • turbulent flow computations


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