Iuvenalianam satiram ultimam quemadmodum suppleverit C.Arrius Nurus

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This contribution deals with the so-called Supplementum Iuvenalianum. With this supplement, the classical scholar, translator and Latin poet Harry C. Schnur (1907-1979) completed Juvenal’s last Satire, which breaks off in mid-sentence on line 60, with 113 impeccable Latin hexameters. After introductory remarks on Schnur’s life and works, on the context of the composition of the supplement and on the Latin introduction Schnur wrote for it, four fragments are presented and commented upon thoroughly. Also, attention is paid to the funny and jocular way in which Schnur presents an apparatus criticus for the Supplementum.
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Title of host publicationFelici curiositate: studies in Latin literature and textual criticism from Antiquity to the twentieth century.
Subtitle of host publication In honour of Rita Beyers (Instrumenta Patristica Et Mediaevalia)
EditorsGuy Guldentops, Christian Laes, Gert Partoens
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PublisherBrepols Publishers
Number of pages14
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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