Leucite Glass Ceramics

Xiaohui Chen (Other), Antonios Thecharopoulos (Other), Natalia Karpukhina (Other), Robert Hill (Other), Mike Cattell (Other)

    Research output: Patent


    A leucite glass-ceramic is disclosed which is prepared from a glass comprising: about 66.8 to about 71.9 mol % of Si02, about 8.5 to about 10.3 mol % of A1203, about 9.5 to about 12.8 mol % of K2O, about 0.5 to about 4.0 mol % of CaO, about 0 to about 3.0 mol % of TiO2, about 1.9 to about 4.0 mol % of Na2O, about 0.1 to about 2.0 mol % of Li2O, about 0 to about 1.0 mol % of MgO, about 0 to about 3.0 mol % of Nb205, and about 0 to about 3.0 mol % of B2O3. The leucite glass-ceramic is prepared by subjecting the glass components to a nucleation heat treatment, followed by a growth heat treatment, The leucite glass-ceramic may be used in the fabrication of a dental restoration using various processes, and may be used in the construction of dental restorations such as ceramic dental inlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, veneering materials for zirconium oxide restoration substrates, alumina oxide restoration substrates, or metal restoration substrates.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberWO2014207244 (A1)
    Priority date28/06/13
    Publication statusPublished - 31 Dec 2014


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