Light Curve Calculations for Triple Microlensing Systems

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We present a method to compute the magnification of a finite source star lensed by a triple
lens system based on the image boundary (contour integration) method. We describe a new
procedure to obtain continuous image boundaries from solutions of the tenth-order polynomial obtained from the lens equation. Contour integration is then applied to calculate the image areas within the image boundaries, which yields the magnification of a source with uniform brightness. We extend the magnification calculation to limb-darkened stars approximated with a linear profile. In principle, this method works for all multiple lens systems, not just triple lenses. We also include an adaptive sampling and interpolation method for calculating densely covered light curves. The C++ source code and a corresponding Python interface are publicly available.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 17 Feb 2021


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